DSP demand available for APS Advanced TV Private Marketplaces



Publishers can access demand from Amazon DSP, dataxu, and The Trade Desk

At Amazon Publisher Services (APS), we have been working hard to expand our services to connected TV (CTV) devices. This includes building a CTV solution specifically designed for fast, efficient  and transparent real-time buying on long-form video, as well as working to add demand sources to help publishers increase revenue.

The most common transaction model for advanced TV advertising is the private marketplace (PMP) deal, which combines the benefits of direct negotiation between buyers and sellers with the advantages of programmatic audience buying at scale. All APS-integrated CTV apps can now execute such deals with advertisers and agencies using our new advanced TV PMP service and the demand-side platforms (DSPs) Amazon DSP, dataxu TouchPoint, and The Trade Desk.

Media buyers using these DSPs will be able to access top quality inventory and:

  1. Maximize reach and supply access: APS enables PMPs with access to 100% of ad opportunities, unlike supply sources limited to remnant inventory and their place in the ad-server waterfall.
  2. Avoid repeat ads: we support competitive separation and minimize repeat ads, providing advertisers with confidence about where their creatives will appear in-stream while protecting the viewing experience.
  3. Ensure fee transparency: we enable a direct connection between apps and advertisers, allowing buyers to easily see how much they paid, exact fee amounts, and what the publisher was paid.

For more information on the Advanced TV Private Marketplace service, please reach out to your APS account manager.


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