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Amazon Publisher Services helps leading publishers around the world grow their business with exclusive signals, collaborative technologies, and unique demand from Amazon.

Transparent Ad Marketplace

Improve revenue with no impact on latency with one call to our cloud-based marketplace. There is no fee for publishers, and a transparent 2.5% service fee charged to bidders.

Easily grow earnings with one simple cloud header bidding integration. A single contract gives you access to unique demand from Amazon and other advertisers.

Effortlessly connect with ad-tech services to help grow your business. Integrations require no extra development work and come with APS customer support.

Top Comscore publishers use
Amazon Publisher Services every day.

We always had a direct integration with Amazon, but because Transparent Ad Marketplace is cloud-based, we now use it to easily onboard and scale other demand partners without having to bother our development team.

Michael Shaughnessy: VP of Revenue, Bauer Xcel Media US

Best I can tell, only Amazon Publisher Services has developed third-party tech that is even close to bringing direct bidding to app.

David Jakubowski: Director of Publisher Solutions, Facebook

After upgrading to Transparent Ad Marketplace’s multi-slot integration, we saw a 20% increase in revenue without having to compromise our user experience.

Eric Meixner: VP of Global Marketing, Whitepages

As a news organization, ad quality is a priority for us. Unified Ad Marketplace offers high quality ads and the CPMs are one of the strongest of all our bidders. 

Mark Stallings: Manager of Digital Operations, Daily Herald

Our overall revenue increased 20% after integrating with Unified Ad Marketplace. The eCPM from Unified Ad Marketplace is 14% higher than our next highest header bidder. We even saw a lift in eCPM from other bidders, too. 

Ian Cohen: EVP of Business Operations, Brainjolt