Transparent Ad Marketplace

Easily improve revenue and reduce latency with a single call to our server-to-server marketplace.

Header bidding made easy

Real transparency

Auction-level reporting to show the highest bid always wins.

Real transparency
Cut tech tax

Transparent fees

A transparent 2.5% service fee charged to bidders.

Large demand footprint

Work better with your preferred partners, including Amazon, and easily tap into 50+ buyers.

Large demand footprint
Decrease latency

Decrease latency

The page or app makes one ad call and Transparent Ad Marketplace handles the rest from the server side.

Trusted partner

Access unique Amazon demand and our proven experience in building scalable infrastructure.

Trusted partner

After upgrading to Transparent Ad Marketplace’s multi-slot integration, we saw a 20% increase in revenue without having to compromise our user experience.

Eric Meixner: VP of Global Marketing, Whitepages

Transparent Ad Marketplace allowed us to strip out unnecessary code from the site, which is critical to get the page loading faster and generate more impressions to monetize. The integration was painless and we started seeing earnings from day one.

Michael Shaughnessy, VP of Revenue, Bauer Xcel Media US

With Transparent Ad Marketplace, we are able to let the tech team focus on strategic projects rather than maintain client side integrations.

Katie Pillich: VP of Ad Operations & Programmatic Strategy, The Daily Beast

Switching to cloud-based header bidding was a ‘one-and-done’. Our development resources are often very busy, so the fact that we just needed one tag made it very easy for us to integrate with Transparent Ad Marketplace.

Glenn Highcove: Head of Yield Management, Uproxx Media Group

Transparent Ad Marketplace for mobile apps

Single point access

One light SDK setup to make all demand partners compete in parallel.

Single point access

Explore other publisher services

Effortlessly connect with ad-tech services to help grow your business. Integrations require no extra development work and come with APS customer support.

Add incremental partners without effort with a turn-key monetization solution for publishers of all sizes.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

The only technical requirement to use TAM is active integration with the multi-slot header bidding tag of Amazon Publisher Services (APS). Publishers also need a contractual relationship with all demand partners they want to tap into.

I hear server-side bidding is less transparent. How do I know you’re not giving unfair advantage to Amazon’s bidder?

You can see the record of each auction conducted for any time period, including bidders who bid for each impression, the bid CPMs and the winner.

What are the available demand partners?

50+ buyers are working with TAM, and the number is constantly growing. Partners include:

  • OpenX
  • Magnite
  • Smaato
  • SpotX
  • TripleLift
  • Verve
  • Xandr


Publishers can turn bidders off and on in real time with a simple switch from the APS portal.

What ad formats are supported?

Dynamic display banners and pre-roll video on desktop and mobile web. In-app display and video units require separate SDK integration.