Amazon Publisher Cloud

Enrich your supply with billions of exclusive insights from Amazon Ads.

Built on AWS Clean Rooms, Amazon Publisher Cloud is the first and only service enabling publishers to optimize their supply via exclusive signal collaboration with Amazon Ads


Gain new insights into your audience to create customized inventory packages that drive more efficient campaign reach and relevancy.


Unlock scaled demand across Amazon DSP by enriching your first-party signals with exclusive insights from Amazon Ads.


Access exclusive reporting and actionable insights to demonstrate the value of your supply, signals, and audiences.

Purpose-built for publishers

Web publishers

Drive campaign reach and relevancy at scale, without relying on traditional identifiers.
Amazon Publisher Cloud powers the next generation of contextual advertising across the web. You can now plan, activate, and measure intent-optimized contextual packages without the use of third-party cookies, via secure signal collaboration with Amazon Ads.

Streaming TV publishers

Bring a new layer of intelligence to your streaming TV campaigns.
Plan smarter programmatic guaranteed (PG) deals by joining your media and viewership signals with Amazon’s billions of browsing, shopping, and streaming insights to reach advertisers’ most desired audiences on the biggest screen in the home.


At DIRECTV Advertising, addressability has been at the core of our business for over a decade and we always look for ways to continue to innovate. Amazon Publisher Cloud’s intuitive interface and differentiated insights combined with secure collaboration enabled by AWS Clean Rooms unlocks new use cases for our rich first-party datasets. We are excited to leverage this new capability to help advertisers achieve their reach and performance objectives with maximum efficiency.

Amy Leifer: Chief Advertising Sales Officer, DIRECTV Advertising

By analyzing our first-party signals with Amazon Ads audience insights through Amazon Publisher Cloud, we’re able to map intent-to-buy signals to our more than 1.5 million articles across Dotdash Meredith, making the content you read a stronger and more durable predictor of what you are likely to buy than any cookie signal.

Dr. John Roberts: CIO, Dotdash Meredith