Easily connect to ad tech services in categories like Creative Quality, Advertising Identity, Creative Formats, and more.

Effortlessly activate services to help grow your business.

Connections Marketplace Benefits

Cut tech tax


Browse all of our vendors
in one easy-to-use marketplace.

Easy technical setup

Works with your existing APS integration and requires no extra development work.

Real transparency
Cut tech tax

Support and optimization

APS customer support, integration monitoring, and ongoing optimization services.

Getting started is quick and easy


Browse vendors.


Submit request.



I love that APS Connections Marketplace has brought all of these 3rd-party ad tech vendors under one roof. We were able to connect to four new services without any new development work.

Jonathan Penn: SVP Revenue, Livingly Media

What stood out the most about Connections Marketplace is the ease with which we could activate partners. No additional code or lift has been necessary, which is great for our teams.

Andrea Valencia: Programmatic Partnership Executive, CNET Media Group (A Red Ventures Company)

Simplicity is the main thing. The ability to add and remove partners with a click of a button is truly unique in a programmatic world that fails to automate a lot of its processes. Integrating vendors with Connections Marketplace brings more opportunity, which is a no-brainer.

Alex Mason: Head of Programmatic Ops, BuzzFeed Inc.


We moved forward with an integration via Connections Marketplace because the more endpoints these IDs are propagated through, the better chance the buy-side has in identifying and unlocking the value of our user base.

Christopher Acosta: Senior Director of Programmatic, Healthline Media


Frequently asked questions

What is the APS Connections Marketplace?

Connections Marketplace is a services marketplace where publishers can easily review and test with vendors across key categories, with no development work required. Connections Marketplace features vendors that can help publishers improve their ad stack and user experience.

How do I access Connections Marketplace?

Current APS publishers can access Connections Marketplace through the APS portal. If you’re not currently integrated with APS, please contact us for more information.

What types of vendors are available in the marketplace?

Our current vendor categories include Creative Quality, Advertising Identity, and Creative Formats. We’ll continue to expand our offering of vendors and service categories, so we recommend that you check back periodically.

What vendor categories are being considered?

We are proactively gathering feedback from publishers and will prioritize the categories that provide the most value to our publishers.

What is the cost to participate in Connections Marketplace?

There are no APS fees to integrate with vendors through Connections Marketplace. Depending on the service, some vendor fees may apply, and these will vary by vendor.