Solutions for Mobile App Developers

Whether you are a large game studio or a small utility app, leverage Amazon Publisher Services to increase yield by enabling incremental bidding alongside your waterfall.

Increase Revenue

Add demand partners via Amazon Publisher Services to compete in parallel, alongside your waterfall.

Unique Amazon demand

Access advertising campaigns from Amazon and the Amazon DSP.

One direct line to programmatic demand
Insights from Amazon to showcase the real value of your audience

Eliminate tech tax

No fee for publishers, and a nominal $0.01 CPM charged to bidders on Transparent Ad Marketplace.

Experienced mobile ad tech partner

Powering in-app “header” bidding for developers since 2015.

Add incremental demand partners without effort
Insights from Amazon to showcase the real value of your audience

Access Shopping Insights

Explore and showcase how your audience engages with Amazon across different product categories, using aggregate shopping data.

We keep Transparent Ad Marketplace running on the app with no manual or engineering work. We have nine demand partners live, and we are always looking to evaluate more.

Jonathan Greenglass: VP of Strategy & Finance, Imgur

Having partners bid before the waterfall increased bid density for the networks in the mediation layer as well, making our buyers more competitive.

Alex Campbell: Manager of Ad Tech and Programmatic, The Score

Only Amazon Publisher Services has developed third-party tech that is even close to bringing direct bidding to app.

David Jakubowski: Director of Publisher Solutions, Facebook (AdExchanger – August ‘17)