Solutions for
Streaming TV Publishers

If you have ad-supported streaming TV content, Amazon Publisher Services can help you increase revenue across connected devices.

A monetization solution tailored to streaming TV content

Integrate with Amazon Publisher Services across Fire TV and other connected devices.

Streamlined integration paths with  AWS Elemental MediaTailor and certified ad servers, Publica and SpringServe, make it easier for publishers to monetize their inventory across Fire TV and other connected devices.

Real transparency
Real transparency

Unlock unique demand and enable audience-level buying.

Demand from Amazon Ads* includes premium third- party brands as well as Amazon’s own brands. These brands can use billions of proprietary audience signals on supply from Amazon Publisher Services, bringing publishers unique value.

*Amazon Ads demand for APS streaming TV can come from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany/Austria and Mexico.

Access demand through a variety of deal types.

Publishers can easily package their inventory into Private Marketplace and Programmatic Guaranteed Deals for incremental demand opportunities beyond their direct sales and open auction channels.

Real transparency
Real transparency

Maintain a high bar for viewer experience.

APS supports competitive separation and works to minimize repeat ads to deliver a relevant and diverse set of ads to audiences.

Realize hands-on support.

The APS team works closely with publishers to implement the initial integration and provide continued hands-on support by surfacing optimization and growth opportunities to help maximize publisher revenue over time.

Real transparency

APS has proven to be a valued partner for Pluto TV, delivering a seamless and exceptional ad experience that has been a key driver of revenue growth. As Pluto TV continues to grow, the successful integration of APS has given us confidence and bandwidth to focus on other burgeoning areas of our business.”

Tom Ryan: CEO & Co-founder, Pluto TV