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Advanced TV

If you stream long-form video programs to connected devices, Amazon Publisher Services can help you increase revenue and optimize user experience across all OTT screens.

A monetization solution tailored to long-form video streaming

Amazon Publisher Services integration is available for your OTT content delivered through connected devices, including Fire TV.

Increase revenue by unlocking unique demand from Amazon Advertising. Enable audience-level buying without compromising user experience and competitive separation rules, on top of your current ad server.

Real transparency
Real transparency

Access demand through a variety of deal types with Advanced TV Private Marketplaces

Easily package your inventory into Private Auction, Fixed Price and Preferred deals to transact directly with buyers on Amazon DSP with full transparency on fees.

Insights from Amazon to showcase the real value of your audience

Showcase your audience’s composition and shopping patterns to advertisers, using the strong signal of Amazon insights.

Cut tech tax

APS has proven to be a valued partner for Pluto TV, delivering a seamless and exceptional ad experience that has been a key driver of revenue growth. As Pluto TV continues to grow, the successful integration of APS has given us confidence and bandwidth to focus on other burgeoning areas of our business.

Tom Ryan: CEO & Co-founder, Pluto TV