Introducing New Analytics on Unified Ad Marketplace

Starting today, you will find a number of new reports in the Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Portal to give you more transparency and insights into your sites’ monetization trends on Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM).

Earnings Report

The existing Earnings Report is still your landing page when you log in, however you can now see earnings broken down by additional metrics like bidders, including Amazon Advertising. As a reminder, UAM is integrated with OpenX, Pubmatic, DistrictM, Rubicon, Oath and RhythmOne and we are always adding more demand sources.




Bidder Metrics Report

The Bidder Metrics Report provides insight on how your demand partners are performing in the UAM auction.

You can see how many total bid requests are being forwarded to each of your UAM buyers, and dive deep to understand the performance of each by looking at metrics such as Outgoing Bids, Bids Submitted, Bids CPM, Bid Rate, Win Rate, Ad Server Win Rate, and Timeout Rate.

For example, if you see a buyer with a low bid rate, you may want to check your ads.txt file against the ads.txt instructions here to ensure every line matches.




Bid Distribution Report

The Bid Distribution Report helps you discover the price points within your inventory that garner the most bids, highest impressions, win rates and earnings. You can filter by site, ad slot, bidder and more. This report helps you understand the market value of your inventory and identify sites or slots that are generating the highest earnings for you – either through better win rates or higher bid density.




Supply Metrics Report

The Supply Metrics Report gives you a pulse on overall UAM performance. For example, you can validate the volume of bid requests UAM receives from your site (Incoming Bid Requests), and bids returned (Bids Submitted). You can also sort and filter your earnings or CPMs by device and country.



For more information on how to use these reports please visit the “Reporting” section of FAQ within your Resources page in the Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Portal.

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