Shopping Insights

Explore and showcase how your audience engages with Amazon across different product categories, using aggregate shopping data.

Amazon insights

Showcase your audience’s shopping patterns to advertisers using the strong signal of Amazon insights.

Amazon data
Smarter pitches

Smarter pitches

Differentiate your ad inventory with customized audience packaging based on granular shopping categories.

Better content

Inform branded content and editorial opportunities that attract and engage new and existing high value users.

Better content

From Shopping Insights, we were able to learn what types of products are interesting to our audience and not only maximize revenue, but also inform our strategy for content production.

Michael Shaughnessy: VP of Revenue, Bauer Xcel Media

I would like to leverage Shopping Insights Service more to expand our private marketplace strategy. I think a lot can be gained by differentiating our inventory using these audience insights rather than just placement priority and first look.

Glenn Highcove: Head of Yield Management, Uproxx Media Group

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Frequently asked questions

What kinds of insights are available?

Examples of insights provided include Amazon audience segment reports for any domain or page group by unique users and page views. Benchmarking reports help you understand how sites and sections perform relative to similar publishers, both by demographic and by specific shopper audience segments. For example, for each Amazon audience segment available on Shopping Insights, you’ll be able to answer questions like: how much more likely are my sites to have audiences from a particular segment, as compared to similar sites? What are the audience segments for which my sites and sections outperform other inventory?

Where is the data coming from?

Unlike many measurement solutions which are based on panels and surveys, Shopping Insights are based on Amazon’s first-party audience segments. For example, for a given website, if Shopping Insights shows that 26% of unique visits are from the Health and Personal Care segment, this means your audience has searched/browsed for, visited product pages or purchased Health and Personal Care products on in a recent timeframe.

What type of sites are supported?

Shopping Insights can be generated for web and mobile web domains with at least 5000 unique visitors per day.

How do I get started?

Shopping Insights is available in the US for all web publishers using Transparent Ad Marketplace. Ask your account manager to enable your domains. You can also get deeper level insights for sections of your choice.