Solutions for
Web Publishers

Amazon Publisher Services provides solutions for web publishers to help increase revenue and improve user experience.

Amazon Publisher Cloud

Enrich your supply with billions of exclusive insights from Amazon Ads

One direct line to programmatic demand

Built on AWS Clean Rooms, Amazon Publisher Cloud is the first and only service enabling publishers to optimize their supply via exclusive signal collaboration with Amazon Ads.

Signal IQ beta

Measure, benchmark, and optimize your signal investments

Signal IQ beta is a measurement tool for web publishers to analyze the impact of their bidstream signals. Publishers with at least one APS Connections Marketplace ID vendor connection can now quantify bidder-level performance through Signal IQ’s always on, rigorous A/B testing framework on APS traffic. This helps unlock a better understanding to refine and optimize signal strategies.

One direct line to programmatic demand
Transparent Ad Marketplace

One direct line to programmatic demand

Easily increase revenue with one call to our server-side auction, where all bidders compete equally.

One direct line to programmatic demand
Unified Ad Marketplace

Unique and unified demand

Access unique demand from Amazon and SSPs with one contract, one integration, and receive one check.


With Transparent Ad Marketplace, we are able to let the tech team focus on strategic projects rather than maintain client side integrations.

Katie Pillich: VP of Ad Operations & Programmatic Strategy, The Daily Beast

Rubicon Project has been very careful in choosing which header bidding solutions to integrate with, and we have maintained a high bar for completing testing. We look for solid user sync and match rates, adoption rates at scale and full transparency of auction dynamics – something most solutions consistently fall short of. TAM is unsurpassed in each of these categories.

Tom Kershaw: Chief Technology Officer, Rubicon Project